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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Tyler Herro wants Zion Williamson, Bol Bol and Moses Brown for UK

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Tyler Herro is already making it known who he’s helping UK recruit.

Four-star shooting guard Tyler Herro has joined 5-star recruits Keldon Johnson and Immanuel Quickley as the three members of the Kentucky 2018 signing class.

As soon as Herro made his announcement, he was already talking about who he wants to join him in Kentucky’s 2018 class.

“We’re trying to get Zion (Williamson) and Bol Bol and Moses Brown, too,” Herro said following his commitment to Kentucky, according to Fletcher Page on Twitter.

While you don’t normally see recruits this public with whom their recruiting when they make their own announcement, it’s become commonplace for John Calipari. The Hall of Fame coach is frequently adding recruits who are not only all-world talents, but also great teammates who want to play with other great plays.

Kentucky isn’t for everyone, especially for players who want to be ‘the’ guy in college. Calipari is able to sign far too many talented players to have guys who want to get 15+ shots per game like they would at other schools.

Herro is the kind of talent who could easily get that at a lot of schools, but he wants to be part of a team, and he wants to help build the best team possible.

Herro says he likes Kentucky’s odds with Williamson, a top-two recruit in the class.

“I talked to him last night and I think we are in great position,” Herro said, according to Cats’ Pause.

Herro talked about how he could impact Kentucky, and how it would help to have other top recruits join him.

“I think obviously being able to space the floor,” Herro said, according to Cats’ Pause. “We got Keldon and Immanuel that can get to the hoop. We are hoping Zion comes too. I think I’ll be able to space the floor out, play the one or the two, get to the hoop, pulling up and shooting. I think all three of us can do something special.”

Herro was blown away by how popular he was at Big Blue Madness, and enjoyed the visit all around. That positive experience is hopefully something that Williamson, Bol and Brown had as well.

With Herro added, Kentucky has the No. 2 class in 2018, according to 247 Sports. Adding Williamson would put them at No. 1, which would be quite the accomplishment after losing R.J. Barrett.

You can read more from Herro on Cats’ Pause, as he talks about comparisons to Devin Booker and what Kentucky presented to him in their pitch.