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Kentucky Wildcats smash Vanderbilt: Highlights and 6 more thoughts

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A beautiful blowout to watch for the Big Blue Nation.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats are now 7-3 after a convincing win over the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Be sure to read Jeremy’s recap of the game. Hhere are six of my own quick thoughts on the game:

1. Domination, finally.

It feels really good to see this group finally get a blowout win. It’s practically impossible for a good team to go through a whole season without getting a blowout. It felt like a weekly struggle as to determine if this was a good team or one that was just getting lucky thanks to a bad schedule.

But the Cats finally put their foot down and blew someone out, in their own building no less with all hands on deck. This is way better than controlling South Carolina in Columbia in the same game they lost their best player to a broken leg in.

This was just taking a team to the woodshed and enjoying every second of it.

2. Stoops is here for the long haul

With today being the seventh win for the Cats, Mark Stoops automatically gets a one-year contract extension, putting him under contract through the 2021 season. And because his contract has one of the biggest buyouts in college football, Stoops has all but assured himself of being in Lexington as long as he wants.

He may not be perfect, but he’s what this program needed to rise from the ashes and become a respectable college program.

3. Very bright future

What made this sheer domination even more fun to watch was it was done largely by players who will be here for several more years. Benny Snell, Lynn Bowden, Joshua Paschal, Sihiem King, Derrick Baity, Drake Jackson, Jordan Jones and Eli Brown will all be back for at least one more season. While replacing Stephen Johnson will be tough, whoever steps into his place will have a tremendous supporting cast.

4. Georgia...welp.

The longer an undefeated season goes, the harder it gets to win. That was becoming true with Georgia, who had a chance to go into next week’s clash with Kentucky at 10-0, putting a world of pressure on the Dawgs to perform against what we now know is a good Kentucky team.

However, the Dawgs finally crumbled under the pressure, getting trounced at Auburn by a 40-17 margin. Gone is the dream of an undefeated season and the pressure that goes with. Now, the Dawgs can play more free, relaxed and ready to rebound from their first loss when Kentucky comes to Athens next week.

5. Road warriors

After winning on the road had become a rarity in the 2010s, Mark Stoops’ bunch have now won three road games this year after scoring two of them last year. They have one such win in the previous five seasons combined, so yeah, winning on the road still feels really, really nice.

6. Mark it down: Eight wins

The Cats are winning eight games...though I’m including the bowl game. I feel really good about this bunch finishing their college careers with at least an eight-win season under their belt. It probably won’t come against Georgia. It may come against Louisville (who looks a lot better now), but if nothing else, a 7-5 Kentucky team in the Liberty or Music City Bowl will find a way to get that eighth win.

It’s coming. I feel good about that, and nine isn’t out of the question.

Now, enjoy some highlights:

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