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RJ Barrett recruiting: Canadian insider predicts Oregon Ducks

Kentucky and Duke are getting all the hype, but Oregon has a real shot at getting RJ Barrett.

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The overwhelming majority of expert predictions for 2018’s No. 1 prospect RJ Barrett have been in favor of the Duke Blue Devils. They’ve been the perceived favorite for awhile, and not much has changed going into decision day for arguably the best player in high school hoops right now.

However, an interesting pick for the Oregon Ducks crept up on North Pole Hoops from Tariq Sbiet, a Canadian scout and insider.

“They’ve easily done the best job recruiting Canadian players over the years. They have been in Canada the most and invested the most time and energy into it. This is what gives them an edge, along Abu Kigab,” explained Sbiet, according to North Pole Hoops.

Kigab is also a native Canadian, like Barrett, and the two won the FIBA U19 World Cup together (beating John Calipari in the process.).

“My guess is, he’s going to Oregon,” said Sbiet, according to North Pole Hoops.

Sbiet made a case for all three of the schools Barrett is considering: Kentucky, Duke and of course Oregon. Here’s what he had to say about the Kentucky Wildcats.

“The biggest thing RJ cares about is, where will he go to position and prepare himself best for the NBA,” said Sbiet, according to North Pole Hoops. “He’s going to be there for one year and with Kentucky they have carved out a niche being a one and done NBA factory. That’s where I think Kentucky holds a little bit of an advantage because of that reputation. However, that is not to say both Duke and Oregon do not produce NBA talent.”

Kentucky is definitely the choice to make for Barrett to improve his draft stock as he passes through college, though they’re still not the favorite.

You can read more from Sbiet’s comments on North Pole Hoops here.