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R.J. Barrett Announcement Live Stream

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The recruitment of No. 1 overall recruit R.J. Barrett comes to a close.

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The announcement from top prospect R.J. Barrett is finally here. The 6'7, 200 lb. forward, #1 in ESPN's Class of 2018 Top 100, will make his decision tonight. You can live stream the announcement through

The projected first pick in the 2019 NBA draft narrowed his list down to five back in August: Arizona, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan & Oregon. Then in early October, he trimmed it to just three: Duke, Kentucky & Oregon.

While there isn’t a single expert from predicting Kentucky over Duke (with none predicting Oregon), no one will truly know where Barrett will declare until the young star makes his official announcement.

We’ve seen plenty of recruitment like this one turn into a major surprise, several of which being in favor of the Cats. Will Barrett follow in the footsteps of Kevin Knox and Jamal Murray to surprise everyone by picking Kentucky, or will he stick to the expected script and pick Duke?

The good news is, even if Barrett doesn’t pick the Cats, there’s a very good chance that Kentucky comes out of the early signing period with Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro. Also, don’t count out Zion Williamson making a decision within the next week.

For now, here’s a look at the setup for tonight:

So, who will Barrett pick: The Kentucky Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils or Oregon Ducks?