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College Basketball AP Top 25 Poll Released

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The first AP Poll is out, and it’s nothing but blue-bloods at the top.

Santa Clara v Gonzaga Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To no surprise, the Kentucky Wildcats will begin yet another season as a top-five team in the AP Poll.

On Wednesday, the first edition of the AP Top 25 Poll was released, and coming in at No. 5 were the Cats. The only schools to come in ahead of the Cats were the Kansas Jayhawks, Arizona Wildcats, Michigan State Spartans Duke Blue Devils.

The only other SEC teams to make the AP Poll were the Florida Gators (8) and Texas A&M Aggies (25).

Here is a look at the entire top 25 poll, as well as the number of first-place votes each team received.

1 Duke (33)

2 Michigan State (13)

3 Arizona (18)

4 Kansas (1)

5 Kentucky

6 Villanova

7 Wichita State

8 Florida

9 North Carolina

10 Southern California

11 West Virginia

12 Cincinnati

13 Miami (FL)

14 Notre Dame

15 Minnesota

16 Louisville

17 Xavier

18 Gonzaga

19 Northwestern

20 Purdue


22 Saint Mary's (Cal)

23 Seton Hall

24 Baylor

25 Texas A&M