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Social Media Reactions to Missouri win and Kentucky Basketball Pro Day

Here’s your weekly dose of what everyone’s talking about after the UK events!

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Midnight Madness Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After a wild finish this past Saturday against the Missouri, the Cats took to Twitter to give their thoughts on the game.

Before we get too into it, thank goodness Luke Wright is ok. To say the stadium was quiet is an understatement, you could hear a pin drop in there when Luke went down. No one really knew what was going on, but thankfully he’s ok. All the prayers to Wright for a speedy recovery!

Blake has looked really good over the past few weeks. It’s good to see him finally living up to all the potential he has. If he would’ve made that catch, it would’ve easily made the #SCTop10!

To see Kentucky at #5 on this list is shocking to say the least. After the inefficiency last year with special teams, it’s great to see the team coming together like this! A lot of plays on the special teams gave this a retweet. Special teams can impact the game in many ways, so it’s good to see the Cats making it a point to be good in that area.

Stephen Johnson! The Cats would not be in this position without him, he’s playing like a true leader out there at all times. It’s great to see the development in his play from last year to this year.

Garrett and Lynn just showing off on Twitter. Deservedly so, both had some huge plays in the game on Saturday, especially Juice! As this season goes on, Garrett’s role is increasing every game, becoming UK’s most important receiver.

A lot of players are excited to be 5-1!

Austin has had one of the best careers ever at UK, good to see him breaking records!

Lynn Bowden is a special talent with a bright future ahead of him.

Stoops is a keeper too.

With the football team playing so well, a lot of people didn’t realize that the basketball team had a televised pro-day on Sunday! Here are some reactions from Twitter

Former Kentucky Basketball legend attended pro day! Having a great mind like Tony’s is great for all of these young guys to learn from.

Kentucky is always setting trends, to have every single professional team represented at a practice is unheard of. These guys will have every opportunity in the world to make a name for themselves.

Hamidou gets up! This team is insanely athletic, and Diallo proves it with his insane vertical.

I don’t think there’s any question that Kevin Knox is UK’s best player and top NBA prospect this year.

Shai is gonna light it up this year.

Overall, it was good to see some Kentucky Basketball again. The team looks great and it’s getting everyone excited for the upcoming season.

A few standouts from the pro day were the returning guys, Sacha Killeya-Jones and Wenyen Gabriel. Both looked like they’ve been hitting the gym all summer, and both look ready to go this season. With these two really being the Cats only returning players from last year, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of role they play within the team this year.