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Drake will be at Big Blue Madness with Zion Williamson taking his visit

Three years after his infamous airball, Drake will return to Rupp Arena with Zion Williamson in attendance.

During Kentucky’s Pro Day on the SEC Network on Sunday, Coach John Calipari shared a lot of insight about his young team. But perhaps the only “breaking news” that came out was when he confirmed Drake’s attendance at Big Blue Madness this coming Friday.

In addition to preparing the youngest team in college basketball for a rigorous schedule, Cal admitted that his preparation for Big Blue Madness may have another focus.

“The biggest thing is, I have to figure out what we want Drake to do,” Calipari said during the Pro Day broadcast. “Is he going to sing? Is he going to shoot? We have to figure out his situation and where he is. I may let him coach the team. These guys are so young, I think they’d rather be coached by him anyways.”

Well, you know what they say: those who can’t do, teach. So after Drake’s performance during Big Blue Madness in 2014, perhaps coaching would be the best route for all involved.

However, Cal did not want to hear that Drake is not a good shooter. “He’s a good shooter,” Cal said. “He’s a better shooter. That slipped. It was a slipsie.”

Sure it was, Coach. Sure it was.

Oh, and Drake is someone Zion Williamson loves, but we all know that’s just a complete coincidence they’ll both be in Lexington this weekend.

If you have not been able to yet, go fire up the DVR and watch the Pro Day footage from Sunday. That should hold you over until Friday.

Big Blue Madness begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday in Rupp Arena. If you are not able to attend, you can also watch on the SEC Network.