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Highlights of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball racing past Morehead State

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Including that nasty Kevin Knox dunk that sparked a late surge by the Cats.

Chris Humphrey

The Kentucky Wildcats showed their good, bad and ugly at times against Morehead State. Thankfully, the good was enough for a blowout win in favor of the Cats, 92-67.

It was a game that saw UK holding just a three-point lead in the second half, but a late surge powered by Kevin Knox, Shai Alexander and Quade Green helped push the Cats to a solid exhibition win.

The Cats will now wrap up the exhibition slate with Centre this Friday.

Because most fans didn’t get to see the game — which was not broadcast anywhere — that makes tonight’s highlights even more special to enjoy. courtesy of Kentucky Wildcats TV:

Oh, and if you were listening to the game, you probably heard all about that fantastic Knox dunk, which comes at the 2:22 mark above.

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