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De'Aaron Fox defends Isaiah Briscoe after he gets stepped on by Arkansas player

The Hogs went Christian Laettner on Briscoe, and Fox was having none of it.

One of John Calipari's biggest themes as a coach is for players to be their brother's keeper.

De'Aaron Fox took that to heart when he saw Isaiah Briscoe getting bullied in the second half of their game vs Arkansas. After Briscoe drew an offensive foul and hit the floor, Hogs big man Jaylen Barford stepped on Briscoe as he was laying on the floor.

Almost as quickly as he sprints down the floor, Fox got right in the face of Barford, leading to a double technical foul called on those two.

Even Cal himself appeared to call out Barford:

At that point, UK was only leading 57-48, but would then go on an 18-7 run to take control. Regardless, it was just great seeing Fox defend his elder teammate like that.