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Quade Green talks Hamidou Diallo and possibly being teammates

Quade Green and Hamidou Diallo would form a scary backcourt.


Hamidou Diallo is expected to pick Kentucky when he makes his college decision.

That’s what current UK signee Quade Green is predicting, as he told Jason Jordan of USA Today.

“I think it’s Kentucky,” Green said Saturday at the Cancer Research Classic. “Well, I hope it is. I need him with me next year.”

Green is currently the only five-star guard committed to UK next year. Shai Alexander is also committed, but he’s viewed as a 2-4 year guy that may not be ready to play right away.

That’s not the case with Diallo, who is already being hyped up as a possible first-round pick in this year’s NBA Draft. Green certainly hopes that isn’t the case and they’re both playing together at UK next year instead.

After all, indications are Diallo would love to play with Green in college, and they could form one a scary backcourt next season.

“He knows he’ll get the ball from me,” said Green. “I hope I’m right about him coming because he’d help a lot with my assists. He’ll be hanging on the rim all of next year if he comes with me.”

We’ll know soon if they’ll be teammates in college.

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