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College Basketball: Latest odds have Kentucky Wildcats as 6-1 favorite for national title

The Wildcats are only behind Duke and UCLA, who are at 5-1.

Villanova Wildcats Championship Parade Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Bovada released their odds for college basketball’s national champion recently, and Kentucky came in third as a 6/1 favorite to cut down the nets.

The Wildcats only trail Duke and UCLA, who are co-favorites at 5/1. The Bruins have made the biggest rise of any team, climbing from 50-1 odds back in November to now being co-favorites to win it all.

Kansas, North Carolina, and Villanova come in behind Kentucky as 11/1 favorites. Indiana comes in at 18/1. Louisville is now up to 25-1 odds, which means Kentucky has or will face four teams inside the top-12 best odds to win it all. Their next one will be Kansas on January 28th.

Around the SEC, Florida is listed at 100/1, South Carolina is 150/1, Texas A&M is 200/1, Alabama and Arkansas are 500/1, and the other SEC teams are off.

Below is a full list of the odds released.


School Current Odds
School Current Odds
Duke 5/1
UCLA 5/1
Kentucky 6/1
Kansas 11/1
North Carolina 11/1
Villanova 11/1
Indiana 18/1
Gonzaga 20/1
Baylor 22/1
Oregon 22/1
Wisconsin 22/1
Louisville 25/1
Virginia 28/1
Creighton 33/1
Florida State 33/1
Syracuse 33/1
West Virginia 33/1
Xavier 33/1
Michigan State 40/1
Arizona 50/1
Butler 50/1
Purdue 50/1
St. Mary's 50/1
NC State 66/1
Florida 100/1
Notre Dame 100/1
Wichita State 100/1
Michigan 125/1
Rhode Island 125/1
Virginia Tech 125/1
Cincinnati 150/1
Georgetown 150/1
Oklahoma State 150/1
South Carolina 150/1
California 200/1
Clemson 200/1
Connecticut 200/1
Iowa State 200/1
Ohio State 200/1
Seton Hall 200/1
Texas A&M 200/1
USC 200/1
Washington 200/1
Miami (FL) 250/1
BYU 300/1
Colorado 300/1
Dayton 300/1
Illinois 300/1
Kansas State 300/1
Marquette 300/1
Maryland 300/1
Oklahoma 300/1
Pittsburgh 300/1
San Diego State 300/1
SMU 300/1
VCU 300/1
Alabama 500/1
Arkansas 500/1
Arizona State Off
Auburn Off
Boise State Off
Boston College Off
Colorado State Off
Georgia Off
Georgia Tech Off
Iowa Off
Massachusetts Off
Memphis Off
Minnesota Off
Mississippi Off
Mississippi State Off
Missouri Off
Nebraska Off
Oregon State Off
Penn State Off
St. John's Off
St. Joseph's Off
Stanford Off
Temple Off
Tennessee Off
Texas Off
Valparaiso Off
Vanderbilt Off
Wake Forest Off
Washington State Off
Mike Jacobs/VU Hoops

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