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Where Do Kentucky Wildcats Go From Here?

Taking a look at the flaws so far this season and what Coach Cal and his staff need to do.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cats are coming off two straight losses in games they could've easily won.

Fortunately, for the BBN, it is getting around the time of the famous ‘tweak' that Coach Cal teased us with last year and during the Harrison twins freshman season Final Four run. Calipari teams have a history of turning it around in March, and his tenure in Lexington further proves that. The Brandon Knight year was a great example because if you remember, that team was struggling mightily mid-season, and a late-season surge turned it around along with the heroics of Knight.

Let's take a look at some of the little things needing fixed, because that is what it is. Every game that the Cats have lost this season, they were just a few plays away from taking it, and as Cal said, the mistakes they're making are very curable.

1. Turnovers

Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers. The Cats have turned it over 31 times in the last two outings. That is unacceptable for a Calipari-coached team. Every team is going to turn the ball over. This particular team just so happens to do it at the worst possible time. That is just something that practice is going to have to fix, along with those one-man De'Aaron Fox fast breaks that leads to the other team scoring an easy two

2. Free-Throws

This seems to be a relevant theme this time of year for UK fans. History has it that Calipari-coached teams struggle at the charity stripe. This team is no different. Fox and Monk are two players you really want at the line when the time comes, but there are other who have to improve on their trips to the foul line because that will determine wins and losses down the road. Get in the gym, guys. Take 1,000 free throws to get it right, because I don't think Kentucky fans can handle a tournament loss at the free-throw line after three straight heartbreaking losses in March.

3. Consistency

After the South Carolina game, the BBN was sitting pretty. A win against a very good Frank Martin insanely coached team looked like we were heading the right direction. Then the woes came back. The first two reasons given is the reason for this one. We need to make free-throws, and we need to take care of the ball. Obviously, that is easier said than done. It will take time for a very young team.

We tend to criticize easily and often, but we forget these kids are just 18 and 19. This time last season, half of our team was playing in smaller gyms with smaller crowds. An adjustment takes time, especially at the University of Kentucky. Our program isn't like others. These last eight years have been a crazy ride.

So what makes this season any different?

Have faith, because a team loaded with talent like this will be there in March.

Let the ride begin.