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Bracketology Roundup: Kentucky Wildcats Still in Good Shape

Kentucky’s latest ESPN bracket includes Baylor, Florida St, UCLA, and Duke.

tourney bracket (3)

Joe Lunardi’s latest bracketology, released this morning on ESPN, has Kentucky listed as a two-seed in the South Region.

The one-seed in that bracket is Baylor. Kentucky’s potential Sweet 16 matchup would be three-seed Florida State, who dropped a seed line after back-to-back losses.

The interesting part of the bracket is the four and five seeds. Lunardi has UCLA as the four-seed, with Duke as the five. Could you imagine that second-round matchup with a spot in the Sweet 16 on the line?

In this bracket, Kentucky would face off against Winthrop in the first round, then moving on to face off against the winner of Northwestern and Clemson.

Other notes of interest from Lunardi’s latest bracket projections.

  • The SEC has four teams in the Big Dance. Kentucky as a two-seed in the South, Florida as a five-seed in the West, South Carolina as a six-seed in the Midwest, and Arkansas as a nine-seed in the Midwest. Georgia is included in the next four out.
  • Louisville is projected as a two-seed in the Midwest, which is headlined by one-seed Kansas.
  • One seeds include Villanova, Baylor, Gonzaga, and Kansas. Two seeds include North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona, and Louisville.
  • The ACC has the most teams in the tournament with 10 overall, followed by the Big Ten with eight and Big 12 with seven.

Elsewhere, CBS Sports has UK pegged as a 3-seed in the East Region, which would be a loaded bracket if it comes to pass:

Louisville, Villanova, and Oregon in the same region would be tough, but it’s still good to see UK getting a high seed, despite back-to-back losses last week.