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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Rose Bowl Edition

The Rose Bowl of 2016 was an instant classic. Will the Calipari-Pitino podcast measure up?

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome back to work and to the Tuesday Morning Quickies. I know none of you are particularly happy to be back in the grind, but do remember it’s only for four days this week. A tiny additional holiday benefit.

I hope you all got to watch the Rose Bowl last night. It was far and away the best bowl of an otherwise rather pedestrian bowl season. Yes, some will point out that the Rose Bowl this year is just another of the stand-alone games that really mean nothing, but that is rarely ever true of the granddaddy of bowl games. Last night’s game lived up to its billing, and more.

Pat Forde, for once, gets it right:

It was chaotic, cathartic, frantic, fearless and almost endless – a 4-hour, 12-minute melodrama marked by whiplash-inducing momentum shifts. There weren’t just lead changes; there were sea changes. There were more points scored than in any Rose Bowl. And the entire splashy spectacle wasn’t decided until the very last play.

The poise of the young USC freshman QB Sam Darnold was inspiring. The guts of Penn State’s QB Trace McSorley equally so. The great catches, the stunning picks, the bad calls, even the drama of USC losing its best defensive player to targeting late in the second half. It was an amazing football game that had all the drama, power and pathos of the entire NCAA football season wrapped into one giant super-tasty enchilada with red and yellow sauce.

This Rose Bowl was a game to remember.

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Cleveland transforms into an elite defense when Liggins swallows opposing point guards whole. He possesses the quickness to hound shifty lead ball handlers and the size to switch any high ball screen as well. And when it comes to Cleveland’s most essential matchup, Durant’s Golden State Warriors, Liggins can nearly neutralize Stephen Curry, as evidenced on Christmas Day.

To Kentucky fans, this sounds vaguely familiar.

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