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A Fan's Perspective: Setting Records in Rupp

There have been many tremendous moments in Rupp Arena. This evening another one occurred. Our Big Blue Nation has entered the Guinness World Record books! The loudest indoor roar, EVER! If you weren't there to participate, check out what lifelong UK fan, Zack Overholt, thought about being a part of it,

Our (short) Conversation

Me: Zack, I know you are a huge UK fan. I believe you drove up from South Carolina for today's game. What is it like bleeding blue in a rival SEC state?

Zack: Man it is Awesome! I live 12 minutes from Clemson. I get picked on, but I will always bleed blue. I LOVE going to opposing teams house and cheering for our boys!

Me: That's awesome and glad to see you are supporting our boys, regardless of location. Now, let's get to it. UK set a World record in Rupp today. What was it like being a part of something like that?

Zack: Oh my God! Bro, it was amazing, IT was so loud people were holding their ears. It was AWESOME!

Me: I bet it was deafening. How does it feel knowing you are now a legit part of UK history?

Zack: It feels so good. Bro, I BLEED Blue and I will forever. Incredible!

Me: Love it, and I don't want to keep you long. One last question....Does this team win Number 9?

I hope everyone enjoyed hearing from one of our Big Blue brothers. I certainly loved chatting with a fan that was clearly full of emotion, after a hard fought game. The scoreboard may have not finished with all of the right numbers in the right spots, but we are ALWAYS going to know a record was set tonight. When you can win, while losing, you know you are the gold standard.