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ESPN 680 Kansas Loss Podcast

Lachlan and I discuss another Wildcats loss at home.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

This team used to be fun to watch. It’s not fun anymore. For the second straight game, the Kentucky Wildcats suffered a loss and they again looked confused and uninspired for about 25 minutes of action.

If not for a big game from Derek Willis, the ‘Cats may have been blown out by the Kansas Jayhawks on their home court. But instead, they clung to life and lost 79-73 in front of a great crowd and a big time recruit as Kevin Knox was in attendance.

Here is what we discussed:

  • The Wildcats were prime for a big win with the crowd and the issues the Jayhawks were facing
  • Their tournament resume sucks right now
  • What happened to the offense
  • The ‘Cats haven’t looked good in a month
  • We get a lot of angry callers and texters
  • Derek Willis played his butt off, but that was about it
  • John Calipari’s press conference
  • We’re sick of the “young” excuse
  • The defense was again terrible
  • Has Kentucky regressed
  • How much blame should be heaped upon Cal
  • I didn’t like Calipari taking a swipe at Derek Willis while he continues to let other players off the hook
  • Players know Calipari won’t bench them and that’s part of the problem
  • All is not lost, but BBN is extremely frustrated given the talent level
  • Player sound from Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins
  • Calipari asking “How do these things happen” but he’s the coach, he should know
  • What mysterious mind game or trick will Cal pull to motivate this team and get them back on track
  • Not a lot of flash left on the schedule
  • The toughness issue bothers me and I agree this team isn’t tough
  • We preview the Georgia game and talk about our keys to victory

There’s a lot more to the podcast so tune in and listen, it’s an hour and a half full of great content.

And as always, listen to us live right after every game. We are the first postgame call-in show to go on the air and we always carry coach Cal’s press conference live. We will be on after Kentucky’s game against the Bulldogs on Tuesday night. Check us out on ESPN 680 or on the iHeartRadio app.

And thanks for listening to the podcasts on the site. More and more of you are checking us out on the podcasts and that’s awesome. Thanks again!