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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: ESPN 680 Loss to Tennessee Podcast

Lachlan McLean and I discuss an ugly affair in Knoxville.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Kentucky Wildcats were undefeated in SEC play. But there were trends that were concerning and all of those negative trends finally hit at the same time as the Tennessee Volunteers downed the ‘Cats on the road, 82-80 in a game that the Vols were trying to give away.

AAU ball, the failure to utilize Bam Adebayo until it was too late, no production from the bench, and the continued offensive woes of Isaiah Briscoe finally culminated into a loss to a bad team.

What we discussed:

  • This is a bad loss, no two ways about it
  • What is wrong with Briscoe?
  • Bam showed why he needs to be featured more in the offense and his guards better wake up and give him the damn ball
  • Every time Kentucky looked ready to tie it or take the lead, something weird happened
  • Postgame sound from John Calipari
  • Cal says he is going to hold guys accountable, but will he?
  • Cal also says that he has guys doing what’s best for them and not the team, it’s too late in the season for that
  • Why can’t the ‘Cats defend anyone on the perimeter?
  • Beat Kansas and this all goes away

We discuss more than the above topics, but those are the highlights. Or lowlights if you prefer.

The Kansas game now becomes massive as the Wildcats need to counterbalance a bad loss with a really good win. They won’t have many more opportunities to do so.

And as always, listen right after the game on Saturday for instant analysis, your chance to call in, and Cal’s press conference on ESPN 680 in Louisville or use the iHeartRadio App.