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Kentucky WBB at Auburn

Can Kentucky trounce the Tigers to go 5-2 in SEC play?

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Basketball Tournament- Kentucky vs Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off a fantastic road win in Baton Rouge, the Cats are looking to wrap up their road trip this week with a win on the Plains. Both teams are 4-2 in SEC play, and know all too well what a win will do to their standings. (Remember, everyone seeks to be in one of those top 4 slot in the SEC Women’s Basketball Tourney so they can get a double bye.)

How can the Cats pull off this much sought after road win against Auburn?

  1. Keep on letting Evelyn and Taylor do their things. Evelyn is riding high on a four game streak of +20 points a game, a stat that went nicely with the 24th double-double of her Kentucky career. Not to be outdone, Taylor scored the first double-double of her career at LSU, with 11 points and 13 rebounds. Evelyn is hitting 61.6% of her shots from the field, Taylor is hitting 51%. I’m not exactly a basketball benny, as Cal likes to say, but I do know you feed the beast. They’re our beasts - feed them!
  2. Set up plays that let our three point shooters Maci and Makenzie work their stuff. Mak is a whole different person now that she’s no longer sporting a protective face mask on the court. Let’s use their skills to make the Tigers cry. (Unless Jess Hardin is back, in which case we should include her in the three pointer-palooza)
  3. Makayla Epps is still the backbone of this team. She leads in scoring and assists. We do not win without her, and I feel like somehow this gets lost from time to time. Makayla works so hard not to be selfish, but sometimes she needs to just take the shot.
  4. Enough about offense, let’s talk defense. Auburn isn’t a terribly impressive offensive team, hitting just 40.4% from the field. Auburn loves to shoot threes - they’re #3 in the league for shooting them with 114 on the season, but at 29.8% made threes? They don’t hit nearly as many as they try. I suggest we pack it in around the hoop to make it darned near impossible for them to work it in the paint. Force them to go for the three, and guard it well. (And if this strategy doesn’t work? Feel free to revoke my salary.)
  5. Since they don’t shoot very well, Auburn relies heavily on its defense, and is holding their opponents to just 59.9 PPG. One thing Auburn does very well is steal. They average 12.6 per game. They also force an average of 24 turnovers per game. To say ball management is going to be very important this afternoon is a gross understatement.

Today’s matchup is soooo important to what the Cats hope to accomplish this year. And happily, we’ll get to watch them go to work - the game is on the SEC Network! Tipoff is at 3 PM EST - won’t you join us?

Until gametime, Cat fans - GO BIG BLUE!