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Hamidou Diallo not in the mix after De’Aaron Fox injury

Hamidou Diallo isn’t suiting up anytime soon, even if De’Aaron Fox misses extended time.

UK Athletics

If De’Aaron Fox is out for an extended amount of time, UK’s guard depth suddenly takes a massive hit.

It’s unclear how long Fox will be out after leaving Saturday’s win over South Carolina in a walking boot, the result of an ankle injury suffered in the first half. With Fox out, Isaiah Briscoe and Dominique Hawkins were able to hold the fort down, but if the star freshman is going to miss multiple games, might Hamidou Diallo come into play?

Don’t count on it. Following the win, John Calipari shot down any talk of Diallo burning his redshirt and coming off the bench this season for UK.

"That's not even in the cards," Cal said when asked about Diallo. "He's not in the mix.”

While Calipari was quick to halt any talk of Diallo playing this season, the UK head coach did offer up some nice praise for the freshman’s work ethic as he preps for next season.

“He’s working hard. He’s getting better. He came here for a reason,” Cal said of Diallo. “He wants to be his best version. How good can I get? How good can I be? What I want him to do is, I want him to go after Malik and Isaiah.

“He’s a really good on-ball defender, like really good. Like go after these guys. Make them better. If they’re not practicing hard, make them look bad. But yeah, he’s not in the mix.”

It’s easy to say Diallo won’t play right now since Fox’s injury doesn’t appear too serious, but had it been, I think UK is one more injury to a guard away from letting Diallo play this season, if he wants that is.