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Nike unveils new Devin Booker edition of their Zoom line

Does this mean he has made it?

With basketball marketing being driven by shoe brands, and with literally dozens of former Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA, Big Blue Nation is really going to have to start stepping up their shoe game.

You may own some Reebok John Wall Zig’s or you might have seen the Nike Anthony Davis Air Max’s, but it seems like another former Wildcat is making a splash in the shoe industry. Officially called the Nike Zoom Rev 2017 PE, rising star Devin Booker is the newest Kentucky NBA guy with his own shoe.

The black mesh shoe is highlighted by the traditional Phoenix Suns soft orange color on the trim and the Nike Swoosh. The tongue features Devin Booker’s personal logo, the interlocking D and B with a sneaky number 1 as the left base of the B.

Keep in mind that, for the meantime, this is a “Personalized Edition” of the shoe and was only made for Booker himself to wear. After seeing them, however, it is easy to imagine how marketable they would be with the sharpshooter’s rising stock in the league.

Would you rock a pair of DB’s if they went on sale?