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Kentucky Football Recruiting: Looking at a 2017 Offer

Have you heard of Emmanuel Greene? You will.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you seriously follow football recruiting, the answer would be "probably not." Rest assured, however, Kentucky’s Stoops & Company has heard of him and they offered him on June 11th while he was on campus for an unofficial visit.

Emmanuel Greene, you see, is a soon to be sophomore at Coconut Creek High School in Pompano Beach, FL. He's likely to be the number one player in the 2017 recruiting class and he's a phenomenon. Right now, he ranks #13 in terms of Division I offers with nine, one from a top 25 school and so far, five offers from the power conferences.

Here's the nine offers (with the offer date) already accumulated: Temple (5/12/14), West Virginia (5/13/14), Top 25 Clemson (5/13/14), South Florida (5/16/14), Northern Illinois (5/22/14), Florida Atlantic (6/09/14), Kentucky (6/11/14), Tennessee (6/12/14), and Miami (6/23/14).

Temple was the first to offer. No disrespect to Temple or its fan base, but this kid isn't going to commit to Temple, or Northern Illinois, or Florida Atlantic, or USF. He's camped at Kentucky (6/11), Tennessee (6/12) and Miami's 7-on-7 camp (6/23).

After watching this video, more offers are coming soon. Yesterday's video isn't the only video available. Go here (Hudl) to see his highlights from his freshman year.

Here's what the media is saying about the 15 year old:

Fox Sports

The good news for Emmanuel Greene is that he has three more years of high school football to play, which means he has three more years before he needs to pick a college.

247 Sports

Pompano Beach (Fla.) Coconut Creek 2017 wide receiver Emmanuel Greene showcased some impressive start-and-stop ability on a play at the Strike 7-on-7 in Coral Gables over the weekend.

In other recruiting news:

St. Thomas Aquinas DB Damon Arnette was supposed to announce a commitment on Monday. He wound up announcing that he was pushing back his commitment date. Reason given? He wants to visit UK before making his announcement. (hat tip: Next Cats - Lexington Herald-Leader)

Long Beach City College WR De'Quan Hampton committed to Southern Cal yesterday (Monday). He had an offer from Kentucky. (hat tip: Next Cats - Lexington Herald-Leader) Read about it here.

Don't worry about Conrad's commitment to Kentucky. His response when asked if Ohio State could flip him was, "Nope, not a chance."  (hat tip: Badinage @ Kentucky Scout)

It appears that UK recruit Kei Beckham may be waiting on an offer from Ohio State.

Louisville and Wake Forest are among the other schools at the top of his list, and he still plans to camp at Ohio State this summer. The Buckeyes have stayed in contact throughout the spring, and an OSU offer to a home-state kid can always be a game-changer.

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