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Trae Young reveals what drives him, new highlight reel released

Trae Young isn’t just driven by the money and fame of professional basketball, he has personal reasons for wanting to make it to the top.

Basketball: Nike EYBL Finals at Peach Jam Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky recruit Trae Young revealed to USA Today what it is that fuels him and keeps him going forward in his pursuit to the NBA, and the answer isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a high school student that is probably being promised everything within his wildest dreams right now.

Young revealed to USA Today that his motivation stems from him "wanting to be the first Young to make it to the highest level of basketball - the NBA."

Young says that his dad was the first to play Division 1 NCAA basketball and he played overseas, but never made it to the NBA, which is Young’s target destination.

"That’s what I want for myself, that’s what I think about when I’m working out, when I’m playing, all the time. I’m never gonna let anyone I’m playing against stop me from achieving my goal," Young said.

Young views his opponents as people trying to stop him from getting to the NBA, and he refuses to let them keep him from his dream.

"That’s why I play with so much passion. I’ve gotta make it," Young said.

The fact that he wants to make his family proud and be the first in his family to reach the lofty (yet extremely achievable, given his current situation) goal makes you want to root for Young that much more.

Young hasn’t declared, but his college list is down to Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St. and Texas Tech. Among those, Kentucky and Oklahoma are the overwhelming favorites.

Courtside Films released an ultimate highlight reel for the MOKAN Elite guard, showcasing his elite scoring and passing abilities.