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Evan Daniels says it ‘smells like Kentucky’ for DeAndre Ayton

The plot thickens...

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats may not be completely out of the running for DeAndre Ayton. with his college decision coming tonight, the expectation initially was the Kansas Jayhawks would be the easy pick.

However, recruiting director Evan Daniels is hearing UK may have a shot after all.

Daniels isn’t the only one hearing UK for Ayton. Some new 247 Sports Crystal Ball picks are in, and the Wildcats have gotten their first pick for Ayton this year. (UPDATE: That pick has since been changed pick to Kansas).

Arizona and Kentucky are all being caught off guard with this decision, and it sounds like Kansas is as well.

Alas, I still think Kansas is the pick if a decision is made tonight, but nothing surprises me anymore in recruiting, especially when John Calipari and UK are in the mix.

This has just been one weird recruitment to watch unfold.