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Kentucky Football: What they’re saying after Southern Miss loss

Hot takes on Kentucky’s gut-wrenching loss to Southern Miss from members of the media. Also a few thoughts looking ahead to next week.

They’re saying the same thing we’ve all been thinking...

Here’s a look at some reactions and thoughts from other media personalities on Kentucky’s collapse against Southern Miss Saturday:

It wasn’t the first time in the Stoops era that the Wildcats gave up a costly score in the final minutes, or in this case seconds, of the first half.

Kentucky Football: “Making history (for other teams) since the departure of Bear Bryant.”

The sheer mechanics of it are mind boggling.

Kentucky fans didn’t call it an upset. Most of them saw the writing on the wall and got out of there by midway through the fourth quarter.

Sheesh is right. Now let’s see what they’ve said about Florida (I’m going to try and stay positive):

I’m confident Kentucky will rush for more than 46 yards against the Gators on Saturday.

Maybe we should start counting moral victories at Kentucky? At least then the streak wouldn’t be so long?

I think this is McElwain’s way of trying to fire his guys up to be more focused/poised for Kentucky than they were entering the game versus UMass. Hopefully the fact that Kentucky lost the way they did will make Florida players overlook the Wildcats?