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Mark Stoops recaps Southern Miss and previews Florida (video)

Mark Stoops recaps Southern Miss and previews Florida.

Following Saturday’s crushing loss to Southern Miss, Mark Stoops took to the podium Monday to reflect on want went wrong Saturday, as well as preview the upcoming matchup with Florida.

While this upcoming game is a big one for UK, Stoops isn’t quite ready to call it a ‘make or break’ affair.

“I don’t ever want to put a ‘make or break’ on one game because say we win it, it doesn’t mean anything. You know that,” Stoops said. “You all have written about that plenty, about starting good and not finishing. What good does that do? It’s a 12-game season.”

“I think it (winning) would do a lot because it's a big game. It's a conference game, it's a divisional game and it's on the road. I think it would mean a great deal for us to respond, to bounce back and go get a victory.”

Here is Stoops’ press conference, courtesy of CN|2.

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