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Wildcat Quickies: Nick Richards Edition

Nick Richards visits, A.J. Green lights up Thursday Night Football and more

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Good morning BBN, and happy Friday! Nick Richards is in town this weekend, making an official visit to Kentucky. Richards is a 5-star recruit on the 247Sports composite, and Kentucky is the favorite to land the New York center. Here’s to hoping his visit goes well!

Tweet of the day

A.J. Green was just toying with Miami’s secondary during Thursday Night Football.

Your quickies

Kentucky’s going to have a revolving door of linemen - Herald-Leader

The offensive line was being run be second-stringers for a good deal of the second half against South Carolina, and there was still a great deal of physical football being played that Kentucky was winning. Kentucky will be rotating a lot of o-linemen in and out.

The Cats (sort of) have history on their side against No. 1 Alabama - Herald-Leader

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

John Calipari says UK has “some alpha dogs” - Courier-Journal

Calipari was very high on his team during his appearance on Tent City Live.

Even Bear Bryant might be fired by today’s SEC standards - Herald-Leader

Les Miles was pulled by LSU, and looking at the numbers between him and Bear Bryant is very telling as to how demanding SEC football is.

Week 5 SEC picks - ESPN

Spoiler alert: Kentucky doesn’t get picked.

How does Kentucky’s 2014 recruiting class look now? - SEC Country

The 2014 recruiting class was the best class in the football program’s history, but how does it look now that the class is in its third year?

What the media is saying about Alabama-Kentucky - SEC Country

See what the national media is saying about Kentucky’s matchup against Alabama, a matchup that everyone knows probably won’t go well for Kentucky.

Other sports news

J.J. Watt has surgery, is likely done for season - ESPN

The Texans’ star defensive lineman’s surgery will likely end his 2016 season, which is a huge blow to Houston.

The scout who signed Jose Fernandez praises him in an emotional letter - Fox Sports

In case you haven’t felt sad enough about this situation, Brian Kraft explains what made the Marlins ace special.

The NFL officially suspends Randy Gregory 10 games - Sports Illustrated

Gregory’s suspension will be tacked onto the four-game suspension he already had, putting him at 14 games in total.

Dez Bryant avoided the Cowboys for two days because of his knee - Washington Post

Bryant was afraid of what he would find out when he went in for an MRI, so he avoided his team for days to avoid the news.

Josh Gordon entering rehab - ESPN

Gordon was en route to being reinstated soon, but is instead entering rehab, and now his NFL career is on hold once again.

Tiger Woods is having trouble not being apart of the US Ryder Cup Team - USA Today

Woods tried to work his way into the Team USA photo and was shooed away multiple times, and that’s proof that we’re not the only ones adjusting to golf without Tiger.

Other news

Microsoft combines Cortana and Bing with Microsoft Research to accelerate new features - PC World

It was an ugly day for global banks - Bloomberg