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Kentucky Football: What happens if Mark Stoops finally gets that sixth win?

We are in Mark Stoops’ fourth season at UK, and he's still looking for win number six to get the Cats to a bowl game. What will happen if he does get that sixth win?

Kentucky v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Some questions are starting to arise with the University of Kentucky football program focusing on getting to that key sixth win of the season.

Will the football program keep growing, will there be more fans get on board for next season, and the question that most people are asking is, "If we get to six, what happens with Mark Stoops?”

Stoops has really turned it on the past two weeks. By that I mean, he has taken over the Wildcat defense, and it’s starting to show. The Wildcats only gave up seven points in the second half against New Mexico State and now only ten points in the whole game against South Carolina.

"We made the game simple this week, and we went out and played the game it’s supposed to be played." Said Mark Stoops during the postgame show with Tom Leach.

After last week’s string of salacious rumors surrounding Stoops, which have been proven to be JUST A RUMOR, some are still wondering, "does Stoops feel loved and wanted here anymore?"

My reply would be yes, he still feels the love from the majority of the fanbase, but something like that sure does make a person consider all options, especially when a lot of the rumors were coming from actual UK alumni, not just fans posting on message boards.

If Mark Stoops does manage to rally this team to a some-would-say miracle sixth win, then he may receive a big offer at another school. If Stoops does receive another offer at a "big" school, can you blame him for considering?

The questions you can ask yourself is, what side are you on? Are you on the side of Coach Stoops not returning as head coach of the football program at the University of Kentucky? Do you hope he stays? Do you want him to receive an offer and stay? Or do you even care if Stoops gets another head coaching job in the FBS again?

Stoops will have a lot of scenarios to consider if he gets to that sixth win, and maybe even more if he gets a bowl win. In all reality, no one can actually predict how a season will turn out, but until the end of that last game against the Louisville Cardinals, let’s just keep that tough defense rolling through the end of the season and get the sixth win; and then we can talk a little more about the coaching situation.