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Anthony Davis continues to grow as an NBA player...literally.

Famous for his 8 inch growth spurt in high school that helped him become a top recruit, Anthony Davis is apparently not finished adding height to his game.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Media Day Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of his junior year of high school, Anthony Davis was listed as a 6’3” guard with serious limitations and only one NCAA Division I scholarship offer. Fast forward a year you would see the 6’10” power forward/center at the top of every recruiting list.

Next to his unibrow, and maybe the legendary block against John Henson, this story is one of the first things Kentucky basketball fans would tell you about the superstar that led the Wildcats to their most recent title. Little did they know, that story does not seem to be over.

It seems as if the New Orleans Pelicans forward is still growing. Playing at 6’10” and 245 lbs. last season, Davis came into camp this year measuring 6’11” and 250 lbs. While I am sure big men around the league are not pleased to hear about this addition to his already unguardable length, Davis does not appear to be very pleased himself.

"They measured us like a week and a half ago and they said I was 6-11, which I don't want to be," Davis told The Black And Blue Report. "I think 6-10's like the perfect height for me. It just doesn't sound right; 6-10 sounds perfect to me. 6-11, 7 feet. ... I don't like it."

In addition to his measurable growth, Davis also feels that he has gained strength in key areas to prevent injuries to his shoulder and knees, which have prevented him from playing even 70 games in any season.

Many believe that, if he can stay healthy, Davis is an MVP candidate that has the potential to be the face of the league in coming years.

Davis says that he has never played at 250 lbs. before and will evaluate his performance before deciding whether or not to cut weight for the beginning of the NBA season.

You can see Davis debut his new stature on Wednesday, October 26th as the Pelicans host the Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets in preseason action at 8:00 p.m.