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The John Calipari Dream Team

No collegiate coach has ever sent this many great players into the NBA in such a short period of time. But what if they were all on one team? What would have happened in if there was no one and done rule? Can these guys come together in the NBA?

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the NBA today, you really do realize how many of the players in the league are from Kentucky, and how many of them played under John Calipari. You could easily build a roster of only Calipari players, and that team would contend for a title in its first year.

But with all of that talent and athleticism, who would play where? Who would be your center? Would Boogie start over Anthony Davis? Or would you simply move Davis to the Power Forward position? But what about PG? Is John Wall guaranteed the starting point position?

These questions have to be asked, and Big Blue Nation is demanding answers! Another day cannot go by without wondering who the ultimate starting five would be. Kentucky players under Calipari really only stay in college for 1-2 years, so we never got to see these studs on one team. So what would that team look like?

This is all hypothetical of course. Unless John Calipari's ultimate plan is to leave for the NBA and somehow assemble all of these players onto one team. I would usually say that is impossible, but after Durant departed for the shores by the bay, nothing is impossible anymore.

So what would the team look like? Who would make the team? What happens to players who were never coached by Cal, like Rajon Rondo? How do you even determine who makes the team?

Well, those questions are easy to answer. Although some players were great in college, some of them haven't really turned out in the NBA just yet. This team is solely built on the prospects of winning an NBA title with Calipari coaching. So let us go position by position and build the ultimate dream team.

Point Guard:

The starting point guard in my mind has to be John Wall. The two-time all-star is easily one of the best players to come out of the Commonwealth in the last 10 years, and there is no doubt that he is the starter. Currently, for his career, Wall is averaging 17 points and 8.5 assists per game. There is no player that comes close. The two bench players is a little bit harder to choose. But in the end, Tyler Ulis and Brandon Knight made the team. Brandon Knight, based solely on experience, you would have to give him the go ahead over Ulis.

Shooting Guard:

This position is not as clear-cut. You have Devin BookerAaron HarrisonDoron Lamb, and Jamaal Murray. Now as good as Devin Booker has been, he's not the easy choice for the starting position. Jamaal Murray is coming into the league after an insane freshman year in college. But with Devin Booker's upside, you have to give it to him. Also, with John Wall not being the best shooter in the world, you need a sniper like Booker to be able to spread out the floor for players like John Wall and Eric Bledsoe to be able to penetrate.

Small Forward:

One minor flaw in Caliper's recruiting is that he was never really able to secure himself a star small forward. Yes, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was great in college, but in the NBA, he has been injured, or he just hasn't been all that great for the Charlotte Hornets. One thing I do know, though, is Calipari always did a great job of bringing out the best in his players. The biggest reason being that his kids love to play for him. They see him as a second father. But, because of the lack of depth, MKG would get the start, and you could play Patrick Patterson or Trey Lyles behind him.

Power Forward:

This is where there really is an embarrassment of riches. Trey Lyles, Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones, Patrick Patterson, and Enes Kanter all are great options to play this position. Honestly, if I am Calipari, it's not even a discussion, Anthony Davis would be my Starting Power Forward. There is no argument. Doing this would allow Demarcus Cousins to be the Center, which would be giving the team the best front court in the NBA.


Like I said, there is no argument; Demarcus Cousins is the starting Center. Call it Immaturity. Call it a bad attitude. Call it whatever you want. But there is no denying that Cousins is the best center in the NBA. The only player who could contend for that title is Anthony Davis or Karl-Anthony Towns. But having a trio be in your starting lineup would be a great 1-2-3 punch. You could easily rotate each of the talented bigs in and out and not lose a single point of production. Having such a pool of big men, allows you to do various things throughout the season.

The truth is, there is so much Big Blue talent in the NBA, you couldn't really go that wrong in whichever way you build a team. It would be the best collection of young talent and athleticism in the NBA. It's a guaranteed playoff team regardless of the conference the team would play in. But of course, the team would play in the Western Conference because of the location in Lexington, KY.

Now I am not saying that this team will ever materialize, but with all of the sudden changes going around the NBA, and with the players basically determining where they want to go and turning the GM position obsolete in the NBA, there could be a plan in the works to make this actually happen. There have always been talks about a team being moved to Louisville, and I know that is supposed to be enemy territory, but it could be the best place to move this dream team to make it a real possibility.

With John Calipari being a "Gangster," as Tony Kornheiser would refer to him as, and a mad man that he is described as, he could be the man to maneuver around the NBA status quo and build the team out of his dream. Maybe that is his ultimate goal.

To send as many great players to the NBA as possible and then to one day bring them all together and coach them. Maybe that is the one thing to get him out of Kentucky. We may not ever know until it actually happens. All we can do right now is enjoy his legendary tenure in the Bluegrass state, and ultimately, dream that one day assembles this dream team.

The only thing I ask of you, Big Blue Nation, is to comment below on who your starting five would be.