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Drew Barker is still Kentucky Wildcats’ No. 1 QB, and that’s a good thing

Yes, Stephen Johnson earned the right to start, but let’s not toss aside Drew Barker just yet.

Jason Marcum

For now, the Kentucky Wildcats are keeping Drew Barker atop the depth chart, and that’s a good thing.

There is no denying Stephen Johnson had a great game in relief of Barker during Saturday’s 62-42 win over New Mexico State, but that was a terrible opponent that just about any Division I QB could have done good against.

While Barker has played poorly since his amazing first half vs Southern Miss, he doesn’t deserve to lose the job outright, not after he was the clear No. 1 guy in the spring and into fall camp.

Two bad games should not get him benched, but that, combined with his back injury, absolutely means Johnson should be the starter this week vs South Carolina, even if Barker is healthy. Johnson has earned the right to start a game, but we’re not to the point where he should be called the No. 1 QB going forward, not at least until he shows he can produce vs an SEC defense.

After that game, then UK can decide if Johnson should be ‘the guy’ going forward.

And if nothing else, keeping Barker atop the depth chart ensures that South Carolina will game plan for both QBs, which will be challenging to do given the unique styles of Barker and Johnson.