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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky vs. New Mexico State

With Drew Barker injured, Stephen Johnson has stepped up and put on a heck of a show at QB. We've seen some great moments and some migraine inducing moments....what will the second half bring?

Stephen Johnson, Quarterback
Stephen Johnson, Quarterback
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After 30 minutes, the game is tied up at 35 on a rainy afternoon in Lexington. In a season filled with frustration and angst, whoever would have thought we'd be seeing a shootout against a team led by a former UK player?

It shouldn't be this close. But it is.

We shouldn't have opened with a NMSU touchdown. But we did.

We shouldn't have closed the half with yet another NMSU TD. But we did.

This game is winnable, but the Cats need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Keys to victory:

  • Figure out what the heck is going on with defense. The gashing needs to end ASAP.
  • Do the little things right. We're not nearly good enough to give away yards carelessly.
  • Let Stephen Johnson continue to do his thing. Because that's been a bright spot on a grey day.

We all know Kentucky football is not for the faint of heart. But our boys are definitely battling.

Let's do this, Cats!