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5 Reasons to Not Overlook New Mexico State

Despite UK being a big favorite, New Mexico State is not the same pushover they’ve been in recent years.

New Mexico State v LSU Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The University of Kentucky football will do everything in their power to keep from overlooking their upcoming game against New Mexico State this weekend.

Kentucky comes into the game Saturday, being a 19.5-point favorite to win the game. That is a BIG number, especially coming off of two very bad losses. One loss being to an average team in Southern Miss and the other being a HUGE 7-45 in the Swamp against Florida.

UK needs to be sure to not overlook the New Mexico State football program. Here are a couple of reasons why they can't overlook them:

  1. Tyler Rogers running is dangerous! The senior quarterback for the Aggies is only completing 50 percent of his passes this season. He has completed 38 of his 76 passes in the first two games, throwing for only 411 yards. Rogers may not be the best pocket passer, but he is the team's leading rusher through the first two games, running the ball 24 times for 84 yards.
  2. Rodney Butler can tackle! Butler has 39 tackles in the first two games. 3.5 of these tackles are for a loss. The linebacker is very good at reading where the ball is going to be before the ball gets to him. He does not make many mistakes, but if UK can confuse him with misdirection or throw the ball away from him, he shouldn't be a problem for the UK offense.
  3. Pass Defense is good! Each Cornerback for New Mexico State is under six feet tall. This should make them an easy target for Drew Barker to go after, allowing our wide receivers a chance to go up and make a play on the ball. New Mexico State ranks 35th in the country in pass defense right now, but neither team they have played (UTEP or New Mexico) passes the ball a lot.
  4. Redzone offense is very efficient! New Mexico State has a very good red zone offense. Every time the offense gets inside the 20-yard line, they score 100% of the time, Mostly good in part because of their kicker, Parker Davidson who is 5-for-5 on the season in field goals and has not missed an extra point this season. Davidson also has made a 45-yard field goal this season.
  5. 3rd down efficiency is good! The Aggies converted nine of their 17 3rd down plays in their win vs. New Mexico last weekend. The Aggies are good on first down forcing their opponents to have less than 3 yards per play on first down every drive. If the Wildcats can just get their run game going, they should be fine.

The cats are hoping to get the fans back on the bandwagon, maybe after a big win they can do just that.

My Prediction: UK 42 New Mexico State: 21