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Top 10 Reasons to Support UK Football

Here is why you should continue to support Kentucky Football, despite a rough start to their season.

South Carolina v Kentucky Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

  1. Attending a game is economical. With the nosedive on the field, tickets to games have become plentiful and cheap. Going to the game costs less than Kings Island - get an upset stomach for less. And I'm sure you can get a really good deal on those new over-sized dog houses outside the stadium (except the one Barnhart is now living).
  2. Watching UK Football on TV allows you to follow more college football. When UK is on the telly, you can switch over to watch large chunks of other games. No longer are you restricted to 3 – 4 hours of just the UK game; there is some really sound, entertaining football being played around the country.
  3. So what else are you going to do until roundball starts?
  4. To see how other teams don't play. There is no way Bama, Ohio State, etc. could match our performance.
  5. Bad as it gets, it's still just a sport. No one's life is at stake. Perspective.
  6. Drinking games. There's a reason Kentucky is the #1 place for bourbon, the opportunities are endless. Note: Microbrews are a good alternatives for blowouts, livers are having a hard time right now; you might not make the second quarter with hard liquor.
  7. See how many times Stoops says "We're going to go back to work" (Could be coupled with #6)
  8. Players
  9. If you support it, you can vent. Sort of like elections, if you don't vote you can't complain.
  10. To see if we ever find that "Finnish" player. Probably a kicker.

So let's move on and see what happens. Bitch, moan, celebrate, rant, whatever – UK football fans are resilient and versatile; we've been battle tested for 60 years like no other fan base.