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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball reveals new uniform

New UK swag for the new season?

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats are getting a slightly altered basketball uniform this year.

Earlier this year, UK unveiled new football uniforms that featured a checkerboard pattern on the sleeves. Those also include blue uniforms with white checkerboards on the sleeves, so it’s possible a blue alternate version of these basketball uniforms exists.

It certainly looks like UK is going all-in with these checkerboard designs on uniforms across their athletics programs. It’s unclear if this is just a special design that will be used for a game or two, but it’s exciting nonetheless to get some positive basketball news when there’s almost no good news on the football side.

We’re also just a month away from the 2016-17 men's and women's basketball teams being introduced at Big Blue Madness, so maybe we’ll see these new uniforms on display then.

What do you think of UK’s new basketball swag for this season?