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Trae Young teasing good news for Kentucky Wildcats?

The tea leaves are looking very good for Kentucky with Trae Young.

This past weekend, one of the first recruits that UK head coach John Calipari met with was five-star point guard Trae Young.

All indications have been the visit went very well, which may help explain the sudden surge of UK picks in his 247 Sports Crystal Ball, including one from recruiting director Jerry Meyer.

But perhaps the best sign for UK came when Young sent what seemed like a random tweet, but it actually could hint at good news coming for UK.

Seems harmless enough...except that’s the title of John Calipari’s new book, Success is The Only Option, which is set to be released right around the time Young plans on making his commitment.

I’m no detective, recruiting guru, and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but you don’t need to do any of that to see this is all a great sign for Young joining the Kentucky Wildcats’ 2017 class.

Young is also planning to take multiple trips to Lexington this fall, including Big Blue Madness for his official visit.