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Wildcat Quickies: NFL Joy Edition

Kentucky football may be hard to bear this year, but at least the NFL has returned

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning BBN, and a not-so-happy Monday. It’s becoming clear that Kentucky football will not be easy to deal with as a fan, but we can at least take joy in the NFL having returned. Following the first full slate of Sunday games, the NFL is back in full swing! From Jimmy G winning in Tom Brady’s place, to the Bengals pulling out a 1-point win, to the Oakland Raiders going for 2 with less than a minute to go and getting it to get the win.

No matter how bad our Saturdays (or Caturdays) are, we can at least rely on NFL action to give us enjoyable action the very next day.

Tweet of the day

Quite the bold statement there, Zach. You sure about that?

Your quickies

Jon Toth listed as an SEC scholar athlete - CBS. Some good news for Kentucky football; center Jon Toth personifies what a student-athlete should be.

Surveying the damage at UK - WDRB. We’ve reached worse case scenario after two weeks. Just how bad is Kentucky football right now?

Kentucky women’s soccer beats Murray - Lex18. The lady Cats shut Murray out 5-0 with a huge second half surge.

Kentucky hits rock bottom in SEC power rankings - ESPN. There was a lot pointing to the Cats succeeding this year, but now that positive press is getting quite negative.

Wildcats finish third at Wolf Run - UK Athletics. All five of the starters finished in the top 25 for the Kentucky golf team, leading the team to a third place finish.

Other sports news

Cowboys’ Terrance Williams wishes he’d gone out of bounds - ESPN. Terrance Williams caught a pass with just seconds remaining and no timeouts. He had a chance to get out of bounds and set Dallas up with a very long game-winning field goal, but he stayed inbounds and the Cowboys ran out of time.

Jimmy Garoppolo gets the win in his first start - NFL. It took the help of a missed game-winning field goal from Arizona, bu Jimmy G impressed in his first start and got the win in Arizona.

Several Dolphins protest National Anthem, Marcus Peters raises fist - NY Daily News. Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty also raised their fists at the end of the anthem in their game.

Wilson, Seahawks slip away with a 12-10 win over Miami - Fox Sports. Russell Wilson got the best of Ryan Tannehill, who was drafted 67 spots above him.

Bengals show they’re AFC contenders again this year - ESPN. The Bengals have struggled with playoff games, but it felt like they were in one in Week 1, and they pulled out a 1-point victory in New York.

Other news

Soccer-related ER visits are soaring among U.S. youth - Washington Post. Many youth are showing up at emergency rooms with soccer-related concussions.

Scientists named a parasite after President Barack Obama - Washington Post. Most presidents get mountains, or schools named after them, but President Obama has a parasite named after him.