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Sunday Wildcat Quickies: Post-Blowout Edition

The Cats suffered a pretty brutal loss yesterday, but we’re now onto next week and NFL football

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday morning BBN, enjoy Week 1 of NFL football! Kentucky suffered a brutal loss at the hands of Florida yesterday that has fans reeling and losing faith in the program this season. Players are blasting Stoops and Barnhart on Twitter, one fan has created a GoFundMe to cover the buyout clause in Stoops’ contract in order to fire him, and the team is now 0-2 against two unranked teams.

It’s safe to say that things are not going well. Hopefully today’s NFL games will make us feel a bit better than Kentucky football.

Tweet of the day

There are many tweets from former players, some of them NSFW, but this one is my favorite due to the utilization of emoji.

Your quickies

Kentucky is likely to lose a lot more games this season - SB Nation. This isn’t something we haven’t already come to terms with, but it’s now being recognized by national media.

Florida game reveals that Kentucky football really may not get better under Stoops - SEC Country. We’ve hit year four now, and this is when the seat really starts to get hot for most coaches in a rebuild situation if things haven’t started to turn around yet. Is 5-7 the best Stoops can do?

Kentucky lineman strips his own quarterback of the ball - CBS. Have I mentioned yet that things didn’t go well yesterday?

Florida and Kentucky police depts. exchanged jabs before the game - 247 Sports. Lexington Police brought back the infamous delay of game from a couple years ago.

Mark Stoops gives Verne Lundquist a special farewell gift - SEC Country. A special bottle of Maker’s Mark is quite the gift.

Other sports news

NFL braces for possible player protests on 9/11 - Fox News. The NFL has allowed Kaepernick and others to not stand during the National Anthem, but with the 15th anniversary of 9/11 falling on the same day as the first Sunday slate of games, there could be a conflict.

LSU punt returner runs 21 yards in the wrong direction, then returns punt for TD - FTW. Tre’Davious White turned a 60-yard return into an 80+ yard return on an incredible play.

NFL rules out player’s patriotic cleats - CNN. The NFL has not allowed players to violate uniform policy in order to send a message, which isn’t much fun, and should maybe be reconsidered, especially for cases like these.

Serena Williams upset in U.S. Open - USA Today. Williams’ record-setting 23rd major title will have to wait until next year.

Cam Newton’s dad unhappy with referee calls - Washington Post. Newton’s father is one of many to speak out on how bad he believes the no-calls were when Newton was hit on Thursday.

Gisele is trying to keep Tom Brady in top form while he’s suspended - Fox Sports. Looks like he’s making her work for receptions.

The J&K Sports Show. Kyle Lance and I return to podcasting; this week we debate on a few NFL topics, including the Colin Kaepernick situation.

Other news

Stephen Colbert re-enacts the Apple iPhone 7 unveiling

ITT Technical Institute closing schools