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3 things UK must do to upset Florida

Missouri v Kentucky Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The University of Kentucky football program is looking to bounce back from a very upsetting week 1 loss VS. Southern Miss.

In this week’s match-up the Wildcats will be taking on top-25 foe, the University of Florida. The Florida Gators are coming off of a tough 24-7 win against the University of Massachusetts.

The gators only had a three-point lead over UMass at the end of the 3rd quarter until the Gators then took control of the game. The Gators struggled on offense the entire game.

1. Be sharp for four quarters: Kentucky came out all cylinders flaring against Southern Miss, and they will look to do the same against Florida this weekend. Florida comes into the game with one of the best defenses in the SEC, according to most analysts, so Drew Barker will have to be on point against that very fast and very seasoned Florida Gator defense.

2. Shore up run defense: The Wildcats had trouble against Southern Miss last weekend, primarily on the ground. UK will have to turn the table this weekend and stop that rush offense. Florida put a great run game together against UMass last weekend, rushing for 107 yards on 29 carries, averaging 3.7 yards a carry. Florida managed to keep moving the chains, battling for 21 first downs to the 12 first downs of UMass.

3. Finish! The Cats will have to finish to win in the Swamp. They gave up a huge 35-17 halftime lead last weekend against Southern Miss. They will have to grab a big lead and make sure to hold on to it this time. No more dropped interceptions or dropped passes. Move the chains and don’t let that lead slip away!

The Wildcats have a very big challenge ahead of them, but I do believe, if they do these three things, they can be successful at upsetting the Florida Gators.