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Drew Barker completing nearly 70 percent of his passes in camp

Some good news for this Kentucky offense, their new starting quarterback looks to be quite accurate at the start of camp

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The first day in full pads hasn't brought any breaking news on the offensive end for the Kentucky Wildcats (which may be a good thing; breaking news during camp usually isn't good news), but it has brought an interesting stat that Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran provided: Drew Barker is completing somewhere between 68 to 70 percent of his passes in live drills.

Sure, it's just fall camp, but it's still a good sign. Plus, there are plenty of 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4 cornerbacks in the team's secondary that have a lot of length, so Barker is managing to show this accuracy against some very talented and long defenders.

This is just another positive note on Barker thus far in camp, and there hasn't been a shortage of praise for the sophomore signal caller. You may remember that on media day, Mark Stoops said there has always been a "calmness" about Barker, and that "he has higher expectations that being the starting quarterback," so Barker certainly wants to be the best he can and is working towards that.

We hope to see this confidence continue into the regular season and translate to some wins. If Barker has his way, it certainly will translate.