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John Petty cuts list to 5 and Kentucky Wildcats on it

John Petty has announced his five colleges in consideration, and the Kentucky Wildcats made it to no surprise.

Petty, who originally is from J.O. Johnson in Huntsville (AL), is transferring to Mae Jemison, also in Huntsville, for his senior season. He's ranked in the 20s of most recruiting services, though ESPN has him 17th overall in 2017.

Though five schools remain, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the only competition for Petty at this time. In terms of prospects who most want to be Cats, Petty may have the strongest desire to do so of them all.

However, Petty may get lost in the shuffle in a class loaded with talented players with similar games to him. In terms of shooting guards/wings, you've got Kevin Kox, Jarred Vanderbilt, Hamidou Diallo and Lonnie Walker ahead of Petty in most recruiting services. P.J. Washington is also an uber-talented forward who could play the 3 in college.

Petty will probably play both the 2 and 3 in college, but even with Cal's 'positionless' pitch, there's just too many players like him in this class that would be eating up the same minutes in college. If Cal thinks taking Petty will affect what guys like Vandy, Diallo, Knox and others do, he won't take Petty in the fall.

But if Cal knows he can take Petty without rocking the boat with those other guys, we could see Petty commit to UK any day now.