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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Olympic Boogie Edition

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DeMarcus Cousins was front and center, Olympic news and schedule, plenty of football talk, and much more on a jam-packed Saturday Quickies.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics commenced last night, officially kicking off the Games. As the many nations that compete paraded through the stadium, citizens of those nations swelled with pride as they were represented on one of the biggest stages in the world. A unifying pride set in as their athletes represented the best of what each nation had to offer went on display.

As an American and as a Wildcat fan, I must admit that the proudest moment for me came when the camera panned to our very own DeMarcus Cousins. Our beloved Boogie has had a rocky road in the NBA, much of that road forged by his own doing, but we love him anyway. He's one of Big Blue Nation's favorite sons, and to see him reaching one of his lifelong dreams was as satisfying to us as it was to him.

These Olympics have been the perfect venue for him to showcase a personality that many are not familiar with. They know DeMarcus as a surly player that has run off multiple coaches and has accumulated more than his fair share of technical fouls. But that's not how we know him. We know him as a fun-loving guy that never met a fan he didn't like and would never say no to taking a picture with you. We know him as a prankster. We know him as a generous man. Now, hopefully, the world will see him as we do. And maybe finally he will get the respect and love that he deserves in the NBA.

Tweets of the Day

Looks like Kash Daniel has been in the weight room. My goodness.

Kentucky Wildcats Football

Everything coach Mark Stoops had to say yesterday at the media day. Like the fans, he is done with the talking season and is ready to get to work on the field. Apparently, Stoops gave a thunderous speech on Thursday night that shook the pillars of heaven. I'm not saying this is the year, but it certainly feels like this could be the year.

Stanley "Boom" Williams is looking to heal his heart after the untimely death of his sister. Boom has dedicated the season to his sister and has leaned on his good friend Drew Barker for support. Football sets the perfect stage for Boom to work through the tragedy and focus his energy on something positive. He also battled an elbow injury in the offseason but is 100 percent for camp.

One of the themes that the coaches continued to use yesterday was "Leaders unafraid to be unpopular". Stoops used linebacker Courtney Love as an example of one of those players. Is Drew Barker ready to be that guy as well?

Nick Roush from KSR gives us ten players that passed the "look test". The biggest news out of this is that Matt Elam is down to 350 pounds. His coaches tell us that he has been working extremely hard and will be a vital part of what they want to do on defense.

Here is a photo gallery from yesterday's media day festivities provided by UK Athletics.

Here are the details for today's Kentucky Football Fan Day if you are headed out to the event.

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

This basketball summer night workout looks intense. One thing is for certain, this team is not afraid of working hard.

While Skal Labissiere left many Kentucky fans with mixed feelings, one cannot deny his giving spirit and good nature. He is already making an impact on the lives of others in Sacramento. It is good to see Skal forging ahead and making a fresh start in the NBA.

Sports Around the World

The Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies showcased the glitz, glamour, and beauty for which Brazil is renowned. And of course Gisele took center stage and she did not disappoint. Tom Brady is one lucky man.

DeMarcus Cousins, DeMar DeRozen, and DeAndre Jordan "accidentally" stumbled into a brothel. The players thought it was a spa and immediately left once they figured out where they were. If this is the worst story to come out of the Olympics, I'll take it.

Here is the schedule for the Olympics today. Highlights include Team USA Basketball vs. China at 6:00 PM, Men and Women swimming at 8:00 PM, and women's beach volleyball at 11:00 PM.

At New York Jets camp, stars Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis faced off in a skirmish. They are two of the best at their positions and their competitiveness was on full display. Training camp fights are no big deal and are the norm.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Brett Favre's Hall of Fame Induction speech tonight. He said it will mirror his career, which means "who the hell knows?" Favre is one of my all-time favorite football players and the uneven end to his career will never change that. I have never had more fun watching a football player than when I did watching Brett Favre.

Former Florida Gator Treon Harris and current Gator Antonio Callaway have been formally accused of sexual assault. Both players were suspended in January for unspecified reasons and now those reasons have come to light. Harris has already been granted a full transfer while Callaway figures to play a big role this season.

Bill Simmons' HBO show is tanking, mainly because the star of the show is awful on TV. Simmons is kind of a hero to many bloggers out there. He represents a guy that started small and took the sports news world by storm, thanks in large part to the internet and an eye for pop-culture. But for me, Simmons turned into a whiny, self-entitled jerk. He was bad on ESPN's NBA show, often showing his true colors when he felt he didn't get enough airtime.

I can't say I'm rooting for the former Sports Guy.

New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira is calling it a career. Once one of the best switch hitters in the game, his career quickly became an afterthought as soon as his production dropped off. To be honest, I had no idea he was still playing. He is a member of the 400 homer club and is one of five switch hitters to ever hit that milestone.

Random Quickies

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you haven't watched Stanger Things on Netflix, stop what you're doing and watch it now. Here are the CIA programs that inspired the series. I was familiar with MKUltra before the show and it's inclusion makes it feel authentic.

It seems as if every culture has a big flood myth and China is no different. There is science to back up their flood tale just as there is with the Noah story.

Rock icon Gregg Allman canceled his remaining tour dates due to serious health issues. What those issues are are unclear at this time. Allman is one of the Allman Brothers of the band of the same name. Their album "Eat a Peach" is one of the greatest Southern Rock albums of all time and cannot be denied on a warm summer day. With 2016 already claiming so many iconic musicians, another seems inevitable.