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Friday Wildcat Quickies: Kentucky football Media Day edition

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The football program holds its media day, spotlights Brad Calipari, and Yoenis Cespedes hits the disabled list.

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Good morning BBN, these are your Friday Wildcat quickies. Today is Kentucky Media Day for the football team. This will mark the start of fall camp for the program, and it'll be a three-hour event from 9 AM to noon. The event will be hosted by Christi Thomas and former Kentucky quarterback Freddie Maggard. The co-hosts will conduct interviews that will be live streamed on featuring Mark Stoops, Drew Barker, Courtney Love, Mitch Barnhart and more. Before those live streams, Barnhart, Stoops and offensive/defensive coordinators Eddie Gran and D.J. Eliot will all have press conferences streamed live on starting at 9:45. This is one of a few big events for the football team this week. Thursday was the day that the whole team reported for fall camp, today is Media Day and tomorrow will be fan day, featuring an open practice and autograph opportunities.

A Sea of Blue will be in attendance and covering this Media Day event with news on the site.

Tweet of the day

Drive, kick, shoot, splash.

Your quickies

Craig Yeast responds to scrutinizing comments from UK fans after his son decommits from Kentucky. Some ugly comments have been hurled at the Yeast family after Russ Yeast decided Kentucky wasn't the school for him.

UK football camp gear unveiled. The Cats have some new kicks, clothes and caps to rock this preseason thanks to Nike.

The first camp meal at the new training facility features a Wildcat-engraved watermelon. That couldn't have been easy for the master chefs to cut.

"With Brad Calipari, It's Like Father, Like Son." has another Meet the Wildcats spotlight, and this one is about Cal's son Brad.

Which new face on the football team is more important? The Courier-Journal takes a look at the newest faces in Stoops' army, and asks you which one is the most vital to this year's team.

Other sports news

NaVorro Bowman signs contract extension with San Francisco 49ers. This deal is huge for Bowman after having to take less money back in 2012 due to Patrick Willis being on the team, but the 49ers made an odd move here, as Bowman still had three years left on his previous contract.

Russell Westbrook throws jab at Kevin Durant, also deleted Durant's goodbye text to him. I was always under the impression that Westbrook was incapable of having emotions, and that seems to be true. Westbrook has no concern for what OKC will be missing with Durant gone, and it seems as though he just plans to make up for the hole himself.

2020 Olympics will feature four new sports. Tokyo is expanding the games. Baseball and softball are also returning!

Derek Fisher really is open to playing again. He's not planning to come back, but if any team shows interest, the almost 42-year-old Fisher would be open to returning.

Luis Severino to re-join the New York Yankees' starting rotation. Severino started 0-6 and was sent to the minors, then became a reliever with New York, and now joins the starting rotation once again.

Jed Lowrie may have to have season-ending toe surgery. The Oakland A has had no luck in his toe healing, and may need a procedure that would end his season.

Appeals court upholds Adrian Peterson's 2014 suspension. The Minnesota Vikings' running back will have to pay the money he earned when that suspension was vacated. This is another huge win for Roger Goodell.

New York Mets place Yoenis Cespedes on DL. Cespedes has been playing -- and golfing -- through the injury, and Mets fans aren't too pleased with the golf part.

Other news

Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, talks about how he made it big when people told him he'd fail. His biggest critics early on must cringe when they see that swoosh in malls, on streets, on televisions and in app stores.

Speaking of Nike, they've announced they're completely done with golf equipment. No more balls, clubs or bags from the athletic apparel giant.

Two suspects have been allegedly stealing cars using their laptops. Probably a headline you never expected to see.

Rio is solving its disastrously low attendance problem by committing an act of goodwill. They are giving 240,000 tickets to underprivileged children.