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Corey Peters injury scare ends with minor diagnosis

After missing an entire season with an Achilles tear, Corey Peters finds out his recent injury is just plantar fasciitis.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Kentucky Wildcats defensive lineman Corey Peters had a major injury scare on Tuesday as he limped off of the field with an apparent injury to his left foot. Coming off of missing the entire 2015-2016 NFL season with a torn Achilles, Peters and the Arizona Cardinals staff feared the worst.

However, Head Coach Bruce Arians announced on Thursday that the diagnosis for Peters is plantar fasciitis and that he will not miss much time.

In March of 2015, Peters signed a 3-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals as a free agent after leaving the Atlanta Falcons. He was expected to start at nose tackle and anchor the defensive line, but just before the start of the season he went town with the Achilles injury. Although the Cardinals still had a remarkable season, the lack of depth on the defensive line caused problems toward the end of the season.

"I freaked out for a second, that being the same leg as the Achilles, but it really has nothing to do with that," Peters told the media Thursday. "It’s just something minor. We’ll work through it and hopefully get back pretty soon."

The recovery time for plantar fasciitis is generally two weeks or less, which means Peters will not miss a beat as the Cardinals prepare to make a deep playoff run again this year.