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Buddy Hield praises Trae Young; 'He's a killer'

Buddy Hield has nothing but praise for Kentucky recruit Trae Young, although Hield wants him to stay home in Oklahoma.

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Former Oklahoma Sooners star and current Pelicans guard Buddy Hield was honored during the Oklahoma March of Dimes this past Thursday, and while he was there, he spoke about Kentucky Wildcats recruit Trae Young, who he has known for quite some time.

Young is the No. 2 point guard in the 2017 recruiting class, and the No. 15 recruit overall. He’s a native of Oklahoma, as he plays high school ball just a few minutes from Oklahoma University, the main competition for Kentucky in his recruitment, according to 247 Sports’ predictions.

Hield has had nothing but good things to say about Young, and he hopes Young will stay close to home.

"He’s really cool," Hield said. "I’ve been seeing him since four or five years ago. He’s a great kid, and I tell him I want him to be in Oklahoma but to do what’s best for him. I can’t force him. It’s his decision, and he has to be comfortable with it. It would be great, though."

Hield has also spoken about what Young brings to the court as far as his attitude and intensity goes.

"He’s a trash talker," Hield said. "A special player...a killer... I would take a player like him on my team any day. He’s always down for war."

Young is still undecided on where he will play next season, but Kentucky is where most experts predict he will end up. That being said, Oklahoma is still in the mix, and Hield probably has something to do with that.

As for when he’ll make his decision, Young says he’s not sure.

"I don’t know yet. Maybe late December, early January."

You can check out more of Hield’s comments from the March of Dimes to KFOR’s Nate Feken below: