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College Football Returns!

We survived the off-season!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Say good bye to the off-season, we've made it to the start of the college football season. Every week from now until January will feature college football. I'm more excited to watch Cal-Hawaii tonight at 10pm EST than any reasonable person should, but new football is always better than old football.

Marching Bands! Slobber-knocking hits! Insane catches! Amazing runs! Perfect passes! Coaches yelling at refs! Gatorade baths! The joy of victory! The agony of defeat! Sad fans! Weird fans! Dancing fans! New memes! Cheerleaders! Virtual tailgating at A Sea of Blue! Real tailgating at CWS! Fall weather! The feeling of community whether winning or losing!

May it begin again. Get hyped!

Some college football links I'll be updating throughout the day:

  • SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Get caught up or refresh your memory of our preview series. It's interesting to read now that fall camp has concluded.
  • New S&P+ projections see UK get a small bounce.
  • The Courier-Journal picks UK to go 6-6.
  • David at TSK does his annual pick-em for every SEC game.
  • A few years old but Bill Connelly, creator of S&P+, writes a paean to the greatness of college football.
  • [Update #1] FEI projects UK to lose to S. Miss 28-27.
  • [Update #2] An addendum to my recent post on defenses evolving in response to HUNH offenses.
  • [Update #3] Read about the logistics involved to get Cal to Australia. The Golden Bears are making $1 million from this game, and alum Marshawn Lynch just might sneak into the game.

And finally, in July  I asked if readers were feeling optimistic or pessimistic about this coming season. What say you now?

I guess I'll go on record and say UK wins six games (all at home). This is the second year in a row I've picked six wins. In 2014 I picked five wins, and in 2013 I picked two wins.