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Bam Adebayo loves Katy Perry, Whitney Houston and other interesting tidbits

New, 1 comment just released the latest chapter of Metz Camfield's "Meet the Wildcats" series. This time, it was Bam Adebayo getting his chance to open up and talk about his life, dreams, and other interesting bits of info about the five-star forward out of North Carolina.

Adebayo says he enjoyed watching the 2014-15 Cats start 38-0 while dominating college basketball, even though superstars like Devin Booker were putting up role-player numbers. Bam would love having similar production if it means his team keeps winning.

"If I’m averaging five points and we’re like the team with Devin Booker and them that went 38-0, I have no problem," Bam said. "I just want to win. It doesn’t really matter."

But perhaps the most interesting part(s) of Bam's interview was his music selection. He named Katy Perry as his favorite musician.

"I mean, they just see a big dude that’s 6-10 and they think he’s listening to all the hip-hop and stuff like that," Adebayo said. "I just listen to my Katy Perry."

While it may be surprising to see a machine of a man saying such a thing, if you've followed Bam, you'd know he often has as big of a smile as you'll see on a man who looks like he'll be a force in the NBA someday.

So it makes sense that Bam likes his music to be of the smile-inducing variety.

"It’s just her mood toward her music," Bam said of Perry. "She’s always happy and perky. So, I mean, I like to be happy. Might as well listen to happy music."

Sticking to music, when asked about what hypes up this 6-10, 225-pound big man before games, Bam again went with an unexpected selection

"I play one Whitney Houston song ("I Will Always Love You")," he said, "and after that I’m good."

Other personal tidbits Bam revealed included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as his favorite TV show, a great choice IMO.

Be sure to read the entire piece.