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Wildcat Quickies: College Football Returns (kind of) Edition

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College football kicks off in one of the odder places for an American football game, UK picks up commitment from Michael Nesbitt and more.

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Good morning BBN, and happy Friday! Today finally marks the return of collegiate football. The only catch is it's happening on another continent. Hawaii and Cal will kick off the the college football season with a game in Australia, marking the first time college football has been played there in 30 years.

There are many reasons as to why they picked Australia. Among them are re-introducing the sport to the country. When the last game was played in Australia, about 7,500 fans showed up. This time, however, they are expecting a crowd of more than 65,000 fans. Other reasons include money (of course) and recruiting in Australia. While it's not quite what we've been waiting for, seeing as the game is being played in Australia and it's Hawaii vs. Cal, it's still exciting to get back to college football. Not much longer until our beloved Cats take the field.

To read more on the Hawaii-Cal game, click here.

Tweet of the day

I, like Sam, also watched some CFL action and thought the same thing. Canadian football is great, but with it's 55 yard lines, weird scoring and that thing the wide receivers do where they start behind the line of scrimmage and time their run with the snap, it's all just too odd.

Your quickies

Kentucky picks up commitment from Florida three-star Nesbitt - Lexington Herald-Leader. The addition of three-star cornerback Michael Nesbitt brings Kentucky’s 2017 class up to 13 commitments. Nesbitt is the fourth from the state of Florida. After not having any recruits from the state of Florida in 2016, Kentucky now has four in this upcoming class, including defensive back Cedrick Dort and wide outs Clevan Thomas and Joshua Ali.

Game Prep Begins - UK Wildcats News
With the start of classes, Kentucky took a day away from the practice field on Wednesday. On Thursday, it was time to begin preparations for Southern Miss.

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Why you shouldn’t put Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops on your "hot seat" list - Lexington Herald-Leader
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Motivation Monday: Five-star forward Mohamed Bamba on what fuels his grind - USA Today
Bamba on the greatest motivating factor that’s gotten him to where I am today is… "The odds that are stacked against me to fulfill my dream; not just for the NBA but to get a basketball scholarship."

Behind The Facemask: Kayaune Ross - Kentucky Sports Radio
Perseverance- steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In the video you’ll see a hungry and modest young man who appears extremely thankful for his opportunity in Lexington.

Other sports news

Rio police charge Ryan Lochte for filing false robbery report - USA Today. Lochte couldn't quite escape the long arm of Rio law, as they've officially hit him with charges now.

Cowboys say Romo is OK after exiting with back injury - ESPN. Given Tony Romo's injury history, it's troubling every time he goes down. He is reportedly fine after suffering a back injury in preseason play.

Dana White says Ronda Rousey's return to UFC will be bigger than McGregor-Diaz - Fox Sports. If there's anyone capable of topping the incredible show that McGregor and Diaz gave us, it would certainly be Rousey.

Gary Sanchez leads promising group of young Yankees - Lohud. Oddly enough, the MLB franchise known for buying the best team in baseball seems to have learned how to embrace youth and develop a farm system. Chad Jennings takes a look at their best rookies here.

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Las Vegas Raiders fans eye two locations in hopes that one will become the next home of the Raiders - ESPN. They want $750 million in public funding.

Other news

A new class of galaxy has been discovered, and it's almost entirely made of dark matter - The Washington Post.

What we know about a group of people giving militaries, governments and intelligence agencies the ability to hack your iPhone - Business Insider.