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Wildcat Quickies: Taco Meat Edition

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Will Thomas Collins, better known as Taco Meat, has earned a scholarship from UK, Josh Norman takes shots at everyone and more.

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning BBN, these are your Wednesday quickies. Senior fullback Will Thomas Collins, AKA ‘Taco Meat’, has earned a football scholarship as the team’s starting fullback. Collins has gone from starting his career at the NAIA in Pikeville, to scout team member, to walk-on, and finally to starter under scholarship. Taco Meat’s scholarship announcement wasn’t grand, like some are. They didn’t announce it in front of the entire team or anything like that, but judging by the way Collins told his dad about his scholarship, he may have been happy with a not-so-extravagant announcement.

When Collins informed his father about him being rewarded a scholarship, he mentioned it in the most casual way possible. The family was sitting around the dinner table when Collins struck up a conversation.

"I’ve always kind of wanted a big sleeve of tattoos. But tattoos cost a lot of money so I never got ‘em, but now that I’m on scholarship I can get a sleeve of tattoos."

According to Taco Meat, some confusion ensued that I’m sure was entertaining. We congratulate Collins for earning a scholarship last week, and can’t wait to see what he’ll do on the field this year.

You can see the full video from Kyle Tucker here.

Tweet of the day

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Your quickies

ESPN outlines Kentucky’s upcoming season, gives best-case and worst-case scenarios. These predictions are pretty similar to what everyone else has said, although ESPN thinks the Cats could potentially shock some people.

A Sports Illustrated writer is predicting the Cats to go 3-9. If we see this team get worse after the past two seasons, it’d be quite the shock to me.

Michigan commit Antwuan Johnson will visit Kentucky this season. We’ve seen our fair share of flipped commitments, perhaps we could see one go Kentucky’s way?

FanSided says Derrick Baity is oozing confidence. It’s good to hear that Baity is being vocal and embracing physicality.

Former Wildcat Lloyd Tubman transferring to Austin Peay. Tubman was suspended by Kentucky both athletically and academically his freshman year.

Lighter Matt Elam ready for responsibility as starting nose guard. We all hope Elam can live up to expectations this season.

John Wall and Bradley Beal don’t seem to get along sometimes. The two former SEC players are hoping to smooth out their issues this season.

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Texas Rangers waive Josh Hamilton. Hamilton has had some bad injury issues in recent years, but the Rangers have made it possible for the team to potentially resign Hamilton in 2017.

Joe Flacco set to play for first time since his knee injury. Flacco suffered a season-ending knee injury nine months ago, but is ready to start his preseason.

Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware returns to practice. While it is on a limited basis, Ware will be back on the field after recovering from a back issue.

Josh Norman says he’s "the best cornerback on earth." Norman made some very bold statements in a talk with ESPN.

All the info you need on the Little League World Series.

There are more than 20 MLB teams that will send a scout to see Tim Tebow workout. Could the former quarterback have a future in baseball?

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NASA regains contact with a long lost sun probe.

A Florida teen has survived a brain eating infection.