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Sunday Wildcat Quickies: Gold Medal Game Edition

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DeMarcus Cousins and Team USA go for gold, Jimmy Butler says he's a better wide receiver than Antonio Brown and more.

Olympics: Basketball-Men's Team-Quarterfinal -USA vs ARG Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday morning BBN, these are your quickies. Team USA is preparing for its gold medal game against Serbia today, which will be DeMarcus Cousins’ first-ever shot at gold. Though Team USA has just scraped by in some of its games, such as their 6-point win against Spain in the semifinal, they are still heavily favored to win gold. Thus far in the Olympics, cousins is averaging 8.6 points per-game, 4.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists. He has had some trouble adjusting to international officiating, which was apparent against Spain when he fouled after playing less than 11 minutes. However, he has still been key in helping Team USA get this far, and will play a role in them winning gold if they do.

Coverage of Sunday’s gold medal game will begin at 2:15 PM Eastern Time on NBC; be sure to watch Boogie and the rest of Team USA in their pursuit of gold!

Tweet of the day

The reactions of his teammates are truly priceless, but hey, maybe he can earn a tryout like Nate Robinson did?

Your quickies

Drew Barker is driven to be a standout QB from the bluegrass. Barker is hoping to follow in the footsteps of players like Tim Couch, Jared Lorenzen and Andre Woodson.

Wildcats hoping to develop depth as we near the end of camp. We all know what some of the really good first-string players are capable of. Unfortunately, we also know that below that first string lies some question marks. Stoops and co. are hoping to sure up the 2nd and 3rd units before the season starts.

Olympic quickies

Full schedule for the final day and closing ceremony.

Ryan Lochte takes responsibility for issues in Rio. He says he "over-exaggerated" the robbery story.

Host nation Brazil wins gold in men’s soccer. A triumphant moment for Neymar and Brazil, and one major reason for the host nation to celebrate these Olympics.

Gordon Hayward says he skipped the Olympics to focus on his game and his family. Although some of the health concerns may have also played a part.

Water issues still persisting in the area of Rio even as the Olympics reach their close.

Thomas Rohler wins gold in men’s javelin throw. He had a throw of 90.30 meters.

USA’s Gwen Jorgensen wins gold in triathlon. Always astonishing to watch people succeed in one of the most demanding contests in the Olympics.

Other sports quickies

Takeaways from Saturday’s NFL preseason action. The matchups weren’t great, but we learned some things as we prepare for the regular season.

Connor McGregor beats Nate Diaz in fight that goes the distance. McGregor won an incredible fight that lived up to its hype, and has prompted discussion for McGregor v Diaz 3.

Brett Gardner makes incredible home run-robbing catch.

Other news

Sprint’s commercials are still shady, not entirely accurate. The "can you hear me now?" guy and his new company may not be entirely truthful.

WANTED: volunteers willing to be infected with Zika in order to help find a cure. I suppose it’s a way to make some extra money?