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Lonnie Walker recruitment: Dad pushing for out of state commitment

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In the end, Lonnie Walker's decision may come down to what he wants vs what his dad wants. Kentucky is just hoping that Walker sides with his old man.

Reading High Red Knights Basketball

Current 5-star recruit Lonnie Walker of Reading, Pennsylvania continues to be one of the Kentucky Wildcats' prioritized targets for the Class of 2017. Walker, #14 overall and #3 amongst shooting guards in 2017, has made incredible strides as an elite basketball player over the past year.

Walker's game has improved drastically, and while that makes him even more valuable to John Calipari, it widens his interest from opposing schools. The main opponent being current defending national champions, Villanova.
Villanova was the first big time college program to offer Lonnie Walker, and head coach Jay Wright has prioritized Walker more than anybody else in the class.

Being raised in Reading, just an hour away from Villanova's campus, all signs could point towards Walker making a hometown commitment. One person in particular who is against that very thing happening is actually Lonnie's father.

According to ESPN Insider Jeff Borzello, Waker's father is against him staying close to his family for school, and would rather him go further west.

"I've been on the East Coast all my life, so me and him love seeing different environments, atmospheres," Walker said of his father. "But being close to my family might mess me up, them trying to come to my school, every other day, being more of a distraction. That's one of the things he kind of fears and that's why he wants me to go West Coast."

That's certainly music to the ears of Kentucky, who have been relentless in their pursuit of Walker. Especially in the month of July, with John Calipari and other assistants coming to watch him in various events. While we are going to be siding with his father, it's not evident that Walker completely agrees with him.

"My dad feels as though it's a little iffy, but being an hour away from home, it means a lot," Walker said. "My grandmother, grandfather, my mother, they're so close, just in case anything happens, God forbid, I can go there. And they can also watch me play, and that's one of my grandma's dreams, is to watch me play in college."

We can't speak for what Walker does or does not want to do. Some players want to be in their home state, close to their families. Others don't want the distraction. Former Wildcat John Wall was interviewed at a Las Vegas Summer League game not too long ago, and talked with Kevin Calabro and Steve Smith about him moving away from his home state.

"I feel like if I would've went to school in North Carolina and went to the NBA, then I wouldn't have knew how to be a man away from home. I would've just called my mom and walked across the street whenever I needed something."

While not everyone thinks the same way as John Wall, he certainly has a point. Going to school away from home certainly worked out well for Wall.

In the end, Lonnie Walker's decision may come down to him versus his father. Kentucky is just hoping that Walker sides with his old man.

"We butt heads from time to time," Walker said. "But he's my father, he's looking for the best for me."